Everyday Miracles at an Animal Shelter

Not a single day passes at our shelter without a lifesaving miracle unfolding before our eyes. Sure, there are lots of challenges and some disappointments, too. In fact the animals’ stories often start as heart-rending, but more often that not with a bit of our TLC and your generosity, the conclusion is nothing short of uplifting. Sometimes it is better than we even dared to hope.

Jack’s story is one of these. Jack arrived as a bedraggled gray and white cat with a broken pelvis, probably the result of a run-in with a car. It took several weeks of TLC but Jack’s injuries healed and last month he was adopted.

“Jack is a great helper.” wrote Jan. “He helps with putting things away, cleaning, and re-arranging. He helps me do the morning crossword puzzle by lazing on my lap and writing arm. I had someone in to install a ceiling fan; we had to shut Jack out of the room because he was much too helpful. Jack is a great snuggle-upper on snowy winter nights, too. Thank you for the opportunity to adopt Jack.”  All I can think when I read that is: no, thank you.

Hope for Orphan Newborn Kittens

Gregory was just one day old when he and his two siblings arrived at the shelter without their mother. His eyes were still shut and his little ears were just tiny flaps. A dedicated foster mom bottle fed the kittens every few hours at first. Eight weeks later they returned to the shelter as robust, fuzzy kittens. Terri and Larry met Gregory here in the shelter and it was love at first sight.

“Thank you for allowing us to adopt Gregory. The minute we got him home it was like Christmas morning for him. He is so happy. He uses the scratching pole, the litter box and loves our other cat, Squeeks. He is so loving,” wrote Terri and Larry.

Love for Dogs with Grey Muzzles

Rusty was 12-years-old when he arrived at animal services as a stray. No one reclaimed him so he came to Nevada Humane Society, but the shelter environment was taking its toll on Rusty. He was losing weight at an alarming rate. Enter Central California Lab Rescue. They whisked Rusty off to a foster home. “He’s starting to fill out really nicely and is having fun with his doggy friends. He is full of energy and loves fetch,” wrote Erica with CC Lab Rescue.

Millie was 10 years old when she was picked up as a stray; as is too often the case no one came to look for her. Linda and her family spotted Millie and adopted her almost a year ago now. “Millie came to live with us just after New Years Day” wrote Linda. “She and Bella, our other German Shorthaired Pointer, play everyday. There’s still a lot of pup in this 10 year old and we are so thankful we found her.”

Care for the Sick and Injured

Gus was only eight months old when he arrived at the shelter last month with the most horribly inflamed eyes we had ever seen. Our veterinarian performed surgery to remove his painful eyes that very day. In spite of his affliction he remained the most delightful little cat. Less than a week later Debbie and Bruce stepped into the shelter looking for a special needs cat, since their older blind kitty had passed away. It was a match made in heaven for Gus and now he is loving life with Debbie and Bruce who love him all the more for his blindness.

Patience for the Frightened

Susan spotted a dog in an empty lot off Virginia Street. No one could get near the dog, but Susan fed her every day for seven months and named her Buddy. Once the snow began to fly Susan became very worried and asked Animal Services to bring out a dog trap. When Buddy arrived at the shelter she was terrified and just cowered in the kennel.  Judy, one of the animal services volunteers, worked with Buddy and now she walks on a leash, sits, shakes hands and plays fetch. Her angel, Susan, continues to visit her and will be adopting Buddy any day now.

For us, these wonderful little miracles for the animals leave us filled with gratitude. You see the real miracle, the true blessing, is you. If you adopt your pets at animal shelters, volunteer your time or donate to local animal rescue organizations, then these miracles are truly made possible by you. You have our sincerest thanks.

One More Miracle, Please

Mo, a tabby kitten, came to NHS when her owner died. Losing her person was the least of her problems, Mo had a birth defect that would have soon ended her young life if not for the skill and generosity of Veterinary Specialists of Nevada. They performed surgery that gave Mo a new lease on life. Sugar, a calico kitten with a leg injury, has become Mo’s best buddy as they both recover in the shelter together. Now these two kitties are hoping for one more holiday miracle – someone who will love both of them and take them home together.


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