Bunnies make great pets for adults, teens

Nothing seems to inspire a pet trend like cute animals on the big screen. “101 Dalmations” and “Finding Nemo” both created a demand for real life versions of the cartoon animals. While for some this was the start of true love, others soon discovered that the pet was not the best match for them.

The latest adorable animal movie is “Hop,” the story of the Easter Bunny. The hero is a cute, jelly-bean-pooping bunny. Odds are, “Hop” will inspire people, maybe even you, to consider adding a bunny to the family.

“Bunnies make great pets, but they don’t poop jelly beans!” said Terri Braunworth, with a twinkle in her eye. Braunworth cares for the rabbits at Nevada Humane Society.

A rabbit living in a cage is not a very exciting pet, but get them out and get to know them and you will find personalities as endearing and individual as any cat or dog. The rabbits at the shelter are spayed or neutered, making them even better pets.

“The more time you spend with your rabbit the more rewarding they are,” Braunworth said. “Most of the bunnies available for adoption here are litter-box trained, so they can spend time with you in the house out of their cage. Bunnies love toys, too; they will chase a tennis ball and toss toys.”

One of Braunworth’s pet rabbits enjoyed regular walks on a leash and harness.

“He was a large rabbit and people sometimes thought he was a dog,” Braunworth said.

Rabbits enjoy a varied diet including broccoli, apples and dandelion leaves in addition to rabbit chow.

Bob, a calm, friendly fellow who loves banana chips, is one of the rabbits waiting for a home. Thumper, a spunky bunny, is just right for someone looking for a lot of personality in a pet. Both have brown markings on their cream-colored coats.

There are two bonded pairs of bunnies waiting for homes together. One pair, Lilli and Belle, seem like opposites. Lilli has a soft gray coat and is outgoing; Belle, a white lop-eared rabbit, is more reserved.

Rowan wins the prize for the most interesting markings: brown spots surround each eye and other spots resemble a moustache.

While these real-life bunnies don’t possess the jelly-bean-producing magic of the “Hop” cartoon Easter Bunny, in other ways, they are even more remarkable — bringing joy to the lives of people who give them care and love.


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