Local parks offer plenty of activities for dogs

Warmer days are finally here, even though the skies are not totally clear.

The first thing I want to do is get outside with my two labs, Beaumont and Marshall. I have already started my Sunday ritualistic visit to the Link Piazzo Dog Park — a beautiful, fully enclosed park that has a great view of the city. But as the days get longer and warmer, I can’t wait to share so many more outdoor activities with them.

We dog lovers are very fortunate to have such a dog-friendly community in which to live — one that offers a wide variety of dog-friendly activities.

Here are some of my favorites:

Sparks Marina Park: My dogs are typical labs and though middle-aged, have the energy of pups. So, laps around the marina is a great way to wear them down and provide myself with some much-needed exercise.

For canine variety, I stop at the dog park on the south side where Marshall, particularly, likes to go for a swim, and they can both romp around off leash.

For my pleasure, I often stop at the Anchors Bar & Grill for a bite to eat or a refreshing afternoon drink. Their patio allows dogs, and staff eagerly greets the dogs with a fresh bowl of water.

Dock Diving: The Sparks Marina Park offers a unique dog activity during the summer months. The nonprofit organization, High Desert Dive Dogs, hosts dock diving training and practice sessions.

If you have a dog that loves water and fetching, it’s an experience you can’t miss. Marshall picked it up within minutes of his first visit. He might not win any trophies, but we both have a blast.

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park’s dog park: This is the largest city dog park I have ever seen and a place to have your dogs off leash in a country setting, while only minutes from your home. The 20-acre park accommodates a large number of dogs that provide lots of canine playtime and socialization, but also enough space so that you can get away from it all. Beaumont likes to exercise his independent side and roam the country-side free of constraints, but never out of view of my protective eyes.

Riverwalk District: I never get tired of walks along the Truckee River in the Riverwalk District of downtown Reno. Beaumont is usually my date for these strolls, and he is the perfect gentleman as we make periodic stops at the various outdoor restaurants and bars including Wild River Grille, Urban Beets, Ole Bridge Pub and Sierra Tap House.

I especially love to eat outdoors on a warm summer evening, and Reno has many restaurants that not only allow dogs on their patios, but cater to them with personal water bowls and homemade dog biscuits.

Of course, we live near some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and a hike at Lake Tahoe with my trusty companions makes for the perfect day trip. But my all-time favorite thing is to just hang in my backyard in my oversized hammock, a homemade margarita in my hand, and my two beautiful labs by my side (or sometimes in the hammock with me).

In the end, we all just want to be together, enjoying the beautiful Reno outdoors.


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