Raising funds for our homeless pets

We all feel the pinch of our tough economic times in so many ways. Foreclosures and empty storefronts still are popping up like wild flowers. We see it every day at the Nevada Humane Society shelter, where people are lined up to surrender pets because they have been forced to move or can’t afford to care for them anymore. For so many, it seems like there is no hope — like the upturn will never come.

Everyone feels the pain — families, businesses, government and certainly nonprofit organizations. But the amazing thing about humanity is how much those who do have rise up to help those who don’t — and this includes the homeless pets of the community.

We see this generosity in large donations from pet supply businesses and in the one bag of pet food from a pet-loving family. We see it in large cash sums to buy a specific piece of veterinary equipment and in the coins from a neighborhood lemonade stand.

I regularly get calls from businesses, clubs and individuals saying “we know you especially need help now, and what can we do?”

So, I thought I would share some specific things that have been done lately to help homeless pets through Nevada Humane Society:

» Two Eagle Scouts completed their service projects on our behalf — one built multiple cat trees that our cats love and the other upgraded one of our cat colony rooms with furnishings and shelves where cats now happily perch.

» A motorcycle club sponsored a pet supply drive and brought in numerous pallets of dog food, cat food and cat litter.

» A young boy forfeited birthday presents, instead asking his friends to bring him presents for the shelter animals. He brought in the stash with no regrets, only a proud ear-to-ear grin.

» A local business displays our brochures and a donation jar in a prominent place in their shop. Another business gives free ID tags to anyone who has adopted an animal from us. And another is selling our Real Housepets of Washoe County tote bags to benefit the animals.

» An elementary girl decided to conduct a raffle all by herself. She got the prize donated and is selling the raffle tickets. At the end, all proceeds will go to NHS.

These are just a few examples of how this community comes to the aid of our homeless pets. If you are looking for something to do right now, how about signing up for our Walk for Animals on June 4 and start collecting your pledges today? It’s a great fundraiser for individuals, families, or a team of friends or co-workers.

Thank you for everything you already do and for considering new ways to help maintain Washoe County as one of the safest communities in the country for homeless pets.

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