Who Will Take Care of Your Pets When You are Gone?

I recently met Greg and Sandy Jensen of the Jensen Law Group here in Reno. They are pet owners and animal lovers and are passion-ate about doing pet trusts.

This made me think about my pets and what would happen to them if something happened to me. I realized that there were probably lots of others like me who would find this information helpful.

Millions of Americans cherish the love of their pets. Yet, each year, more than a half-million pets are euthanized because their owners became disabled or died.

So who will care for your pets if you aren’t able to? A great question, and we stand ready to help at Nevada Humane Society.

But what if you want to select a pet caregiver and leave funds for your pet’s future care? How can you be sure your pet will receive good care after you are gone and that funds will be spent as you intended? What happens to the funds after the pet is gone?

Leaving money for your pet in your will is one option. But legal experts warn that a will must go through a probate process in court — expensive, time consuming and open to the public.

Sometimes, heirs are well intended but encounter problems: leases that prohibit pets, a need to move, etc. Some heirs only want their inheritance, not the pet, so the pet gets dropped off at a shelter.

Experts say a pet trust is the way to go. With a pet trust, you select the pet caregiver and outline specific instructions. You also select a person to look after the pet funds when you are gone — the trustee.

You can fund a pet trust with a bank account or even a small life insurance policy. When your last pet dies, the remaining trust funds can go to family or a nonprofit organization, such as Nevada Humane Society. There is no probate process, expense or delay.

You don’t have to be rich to have a pet trust. Setting up a trust costs no more than a few pet groomings or a visit to the vet.

“Helping people create a pet trust to ensure care for their pets when they can no longer provide for them is one of the most rewarding parts of my work,” said Greg Jensen. “It truly gives the pet owner peace of mind.”

You can learn more about pet trusts at www.JensenLawGroup-Reno.com.




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