The hidden treasures of Hidden Valley

I moved into the Hidden Valley area of Reno about six months ago.

It’s an area that had always att-racted me — nest-led in the hills away from the hustle and bustle of the city with wide streets, big lots, and a wonderful regional park for people and dogs.

So far, it has lived up to my expectations, but I got a surprise bonus — wild horses roaming on the hills just a few blocks from my house.

I knew that there were bands of wild horses in the hills surrounding Reno but had no idea that we had our very own in Hidden Valley. I grew up as a city girl, but always had a yearning for the wild outdoors. These beautiful creatures make me feel very special and very connected to my new home.

I became curious about the history of these horses and wanted to learn as much as I could about them. A friend of mine took me on a backroads drive, sharing her knowledge of my newfound neighbors and peaking my curiosity even more.

Nevada is home to almost half of our nation’s free-roaming wild horses and many live in the hills around Reno.

This historic Virginia Range herd can be found living in the wild between Virginia City, Reno, Dayton and Carson City. When hiking the desert trails east of Reno, you’re likely to spot the various members of this herd.

My own excursion gave me glimpses of how they live their lives — young bachelors that hadn’t yet found their own band, a mare with a newborn who also had adopted an orphaned foal, a stallion-mare pair that hadn’t yet reproduced, and many different sized bands each with an alpha stallion and alpha mare running the show.

To me, horses are some of the most beautiful animals on earth, and the ones I saw included a wide range of amazing colors — from light buck to dark chocolate brown. The painted ones were the most unusual with a spotted pattern of white and dark coat colors. But my favorite was a handsome dark stallion with a long, flowing white mane. He was truly magnificent!

Hidden treasures

I have discovered the true hidden treasures of Hidden Valley. Now I feel more at home than I ever had.

As the Rolling Stones wrote in the 1970s, “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away — Wild wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” Well, wild horses can and did drag me away and it was to a wonderful new, place.


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