Lights of Love

By Diane Blankenburg

For most people, the holiday season is a time of fun and festivities that is shared with families and friends. For me, I usually reflect on my life and what is meaningful to me—both past and present. I replay past holidays in my mind and heart, stirring up a range of emotions from the delight of joyful moments to the solemn sadness of what no longer is. But one thing that always brings a smile to my face is to remember the four-legged ones who have so touched me at the very root of my soul.

Snowball, Jacque, Pepper, Frosty, Indie, Sommer, Felice, Felix, Edith, Blackie, Smokey, Brandy, Toy, Sammy, Bailor, Lady, Beaumont, Marshall, and Boomer took me from childhood to where I am today. They carried me through relationships and across the United States. They supported me through educational endeavors and career changes. They lifted me up when I was down and kept me company when I was alone.

‘Tis the season and I sit here in reflection once again. But this year, I want to do something extra special for my beloved animal companions. I want to honor them in a way that is fitting for all of the unconditional love and pure joy they have given me for so many precious years. This year at the Nevada Humane Society shelter where I work, white lights will shine pure for those that have passed and colored lights will brighten up the room in honor of my current brood just as they brighten up my life every day.

Nevada Humane Society is entering their fifth season of hosting the special Lights of Love Tribute. It’s a way to acknowledge your four-legged loved ones, past and present, and help homeless pets at the same time. The shelter will be illuminated in their honor and two twenty-foot trees of light will be on display at The Summit and the Siena Hotel Spa Casino.

You can help light up the lives of homeless animals in our community through a $10 contribution per light that celebrates each pet you cherish. This also makes the perfect gift for your animal-loving friends and families who already have everything they need.

So this year, my four-legged friends will shine along with thousands of other pets that have had or still have loving homes during the holidays. How fitting that they will illuminate the shelter where thousands  of others come so that they, too,  can find  homes for the holidays. There is no better tribute!

Events that Help Homeless Pets:

Home for the Holidays Adoption Promotion at Nevada Humane Society through January 2. Adopt a pet and help reach the goal of finding homes for 1,200 pets. Special adoption fees are $40 for most adult dogs, $10 for adult cats, $30 for kittens. Visit for more information.

Lights of Love Tribute at Nevada Humane Society through January 2. A $10 contribution will light a white light for each pet you wish to remember or a colored light for each pet you wish to honor. Lights on display in the NHS shelter and illuminating 20-foot trees at The Summit and Siena Hotel Spa Casino, compliments of Christmas Décor and Reno Lawn & Landscape. All pets, remembered or honored, will be listed in the special Lights of Love Book, and a tribute page will be sent to you or the person of your choice. Great gift idea! For more info, call 775-856-2000 or visit

Home for the Holidays Cupcake Day & Pet Photos with Santa at Nevada Humane Society. December 3 from 11am-5pm. Holiday cheer and a variety of cupcakes for sampling. Call 775-856-2000 for more information.

The Summit Pet Adoption Center hosted by Nevada Humane Society. Starting November 25, open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11am – 5pm in The Summit shopping center. Variety of dogs and cats available for adoption.

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