Holiday miracles for the animals

The holidays do not provide a break from the daily challenges in an animal shelter. Fortunately, there are plenty of heart-warming little miracles happening every day at Nevada Humane Society.

When Sheila arrived at the shelter, she resembled a dirty mop rather than a dog. She was barely able to walk or see, and it looked like it had been a while since she had last known a kind touch or a good meal. Sheila’s matted coat was shaved off; her broken jaw, rotten teeth and eye injury were treated in our clinic. Despite all she has been through, she now is a lively, happy, loving little dog.

Cowgirl was an extremely tiny kitten and so weak when she arrived that she was in danger of dying. In many shelters, neonatal kittens are quickly destroyed, but not here. Cowgirl got a lot of TLC in our clinic. Although it was touch-and-go for a while, she had a strong will to live in that tiny body.

A few days later, Cowgirl went to a foster family; they bottle fed her for weeks and she began putting on the ounces. This week, we received a touching video from Cowgirl’s foster-turned-permanent family. Check it out online at the YouTube Nevada Humane Society channel: “Cowgirl’s Adoption Story.”

Last summer, tourists from New Jersey were driving on Pyramid Highway when they saw a dog that had been hit by a car. Laredo ended up at the Nevada Humane Society with a broken leg and other injuries. After surgery and two months of care later, Laredo was back in shape and the people who found him had not forgotten about him; they arranged to have him flown to their home in New Jersey.

This week we got an update: “Laredo is the cutest! He’s even bilingual; he knows English and German commands. It snowed for the first time and Laredo was afraid of it at first. We couldn’t have picked out a better puppy!”Laredo’s story is so fitting for this season: One moment he is lying on the side of the road severely injured; the next moment the kindness of strangers transforms what could have been a very sad story into the happiest of endings.These miracles for the animals are not just successes — they belong to you. You make these opportunities for a new life possible for homeless pets by donating, adopting or volunteering. The animals would thank you themselves, if they could.


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