Consider Taking Home a Less-Adoptable Pet

Recently, at the Nevada Humane Society shelter, we were looking at the pets who have stayed the longest. These are the dogs and cats that been passed over for adoption. They tend to be older, shy, sassy, hyperactive, or have some sort of special need. Those of us who see these animals every day know their charms, but they may not show themselves off well to visitors or need something extra from the person who takes them home.

Darla, a calico kitty, has a bit of spice in her personality, but her real adoption challenge is a food allergy. She does well on a special diet, but if she gets into other food, she will develop a bald patch.

Jasmine is an older dog, a bit plump with a grey muzzle. She is sweet and charming but needs a quiet home without other pets.

Mason Gray has recovered from the neck wound with which he arrived, but when people come into the room, he withdraws. This kitty is affectionate once he gets to know you, but that takes time.

Zeus arrived with a broken hip. He’s recovered now and is an active, high-energy dog, perhaps for some, a bit too active. He needs an exercise buddy and someone who will provide him some training.  

We are asking people to consider adopting a cat that may live under the bed for a while or a dog that needs a little extra time and patience. The effort put into these animals comes with an amazing pay off in the form of a deep and rewarding bond.

Two years ago, I adopted a cat named Millie that I could not pick up and could barely touch. It took nearly a year to win her over, but she has become a delight. She’s talkative, affectionate, and playful. In winning her trust, I feel like I won a prize.

We are now making it easier to adopt some of these adoption-challenged pets. For example, Darla, the kitty with food allergies, comes with a full year of free specialty food and after that you can buy it at cost from us. Some pets we have dubbed Angel Pets. These animals are either seniors or ones with chronic health issues and their vet care, related to their special condition, will be covered in our clinic at cost for life.

Giving love is one of life’s true joys. For those of us who believe that, there can be no more wonderful companion than one that really, really needs us.

Events that Help Pets

Adopt a Lovable but Less-Adoptable Pet: Adopt a shy, older, sassy or special needs pet and adoption fees are waived March 20 through April 8 at Nevada Humane Society. For more information, call Nevada Humane Society at 775-856-2000 or visit 2825 Longley Lane, Reno.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a new pal. Adopt an adult cat for $25 or an adult dog for $50 through March 18 and receive a $5 gift certificate to Archie’s. Visit Nevada Humane Society at 2825 Longley Lane in Reno or call 775-856-2000.


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