Cash Mob Inspires Cat Mob

June is national Adopt-a -Cat Month. That’s because it’s the time of year when kittens are being born and arrive in animal shelters in large numbers. When it comes to pet adoption, kittens’ cuteness gives them a real edge over adult cats, who then tend to be overlooked.

At Nevada Humane Society, we are always looking for creative ways to involve the community in helping us find loving homes for homeless pets. While Adopt-a-Cat Month is an important idea, we wanted to find something more exciting, more current—something new.

Meanwhile, across the country a phenomenon called Cash Mobs is catching on. Cash Mob participants connect on Facebook to generate real-life support for local businesses. They pick a business and converge there on a predetermined day to spend money. This movement has had an impact here in the Reno/Sparks community with successful events at local music and book stores.

One of the local organizers, Steve Funk, explained it this way in a recent interview: “Cash mobs are just a way for local people coming together to help local businesses survive in a challenging economy.”

The American Independent Business Alliance says that money spent in locally-owned businesses helps the local economy more than money spent at a nationwide chain store because more of the money stays in the community. I often find myself telling people the same thing about charitable donations. While many national charities do good work, money donated to a locally-based charity stays right here helping in our community.

When our Operations Director Denise Stevens heard about the Cash Mob movement she laughingly said we needed a Cat Mob to come in and adopt the many cats in need of homes. The idea of a Cat Mob was born.

So here it is—your chance to be part of the nation’s first Cat Mob at Nevada Humane Society when you come in to adopt a local cat in need. While we have pick-your-price adoptions for adult cats all month at NHS, cat adoption at any price is always the deal of the century. As some clever animal lover posted online recently, “Whoever said money does not buy happiness never paid a pet adoption fee.”


CAT MOB at Nevada Humane Society. Pick Your Price for adult cat adoptions and get a free Cat Mob T-shirt. Special adoption fees for adult dogs, too. Located at 2825 Longley Lane in Reno and open 11 am to 6:30 pm daily for adoptions. On Saturdays we open an hour earlier at 10 am. Follow Nevada Humane Society on Facebook or visit for more information.

SHINE white dress event at The Beach at Grand Sierra Resort on June 22 benefits the animals at Nevada Humane Society. Fine food, cocktails, a cutting-edge fashion show and adoptable pets.  Tickets  $45, $55 at the door. For more details visit


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