“Friends Rescue Friends”

Friends Rescue Friends is the name James Schnieder bestowed upon the stylized dog sculpture he created and donated to Nevada Humane Society.   

“Dogs make us laugh,” said Schnieder at the dedication ceremony. “When we laugh our bodies are telling us we are happy.”

Each day as I walk past the cheerful yellow likeness of Schnieder’s beloved dog, I cannot help but smile. Clearly he has captured the essence of dogs in this work of art.

The accompanying poem about Max starts off: “When Max’s paw tracks grace the pile and nose prints dot the tile, when wisps of fur float about, and you want to shout; all you can do is smile.”

Anyone who has loved a pet has experienced this triumph of their charm over any annoyance they may cause. They touch our hearts and remind us of the many wonders in any ordinary day that make pet hair, dirt and even more unsavory occurrences, seem insignificant.   

This week I had lunch at Sardina’s Italian Bistro where they were hosting a fundraiser for Nevada Humane Society. The owners shared their inspiration through a verse titled The Ballad of Bella, Linus and Valentino.  It starts out with the rescue of a tiny kitten, Bella, spotted under a car on a cold rainy night. “Brett scoops her up and she comes to stay until her owners are found. . . they turn out to be us.” Then it recounts acquiring two cat friends for Bella at the shelter. “We intended on only one, but it was love at first sight—twice.” The ballad concludes with; “Now Linus, Valentino and Bella race around the house and fetch plush mice, and dart after sticks, and drink from the tub, and make us smile every day.”

There’s that theme again – animals add joy to life.

While clearly dogs and cats are dependent upon us for their care and we rescue them when we take them into our hearts and homes, they unmistakably rescue us, too. They provide relief from the stress and worries of the day with their antics, their affection, their capacity to take great joy in the simplest things. It seems to me that they can also inspire us to be creative and generous. Truly, Schnieder could not have picked a more fitting title for his work of art: Friends Rescue Friends.

Events that Help Homeless Pets

SHINE white dress event at The Beach at Grand Sierra Resort on June 22 benefits the animals at Nevada Humane Society. Tickets available at NHS and at the door. For more details, visit nevadahumanesociety.org or call 775-856-2000.

CAT MOB at Nevada Humane Society. Pick Your Price for adult cat adoptions and get a free Cat Mob T-shirt. Special adoption fees for adult dogs, too. Open 11:00 am to 6:30 pm daily for adoptions (open at 10:00 am on Saturdays) at 2825 Longley Lane in Reno. Follow Nevada Humane Society on Facebook for more information.


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