Give Yourself a Gift: Volunteer

When Jasmine was adopted there was celebrating all across Nevada Humane Society’s shelter.

“Jasmine is a Lab stuck in a Basset body” wrote volunteer Margaret Flint of Jasmine. Indeed she looks like a cartoon of a dog, with her Lab head on a very plump stubby-legged  body. Jasmine can be sweet but also a bit cantankerous, especially when it comes to other animals. Jasmine wants to be queen, and why not? She’s a senior and entitled to be set in her ways.  Still, her age, temperament and looks meant that it would take a while before the right person, someone who would meet her needs and  would fall in love with her. One fine day this month it happened!

Jasmine’s happy ending, and so many others, are made possible by the brigade of dedicated volunteers who ensure that dogs like Jasmine get the exercise and attention that is so critically important to them during their time at the shelter. The time volunteers give to the animals keep their spirits up until they go to their new home.

Last week I met a new volunteer who shared her first experience at the shelter with me. Deciding to volunteer was not an easy decision, she explained. Seeing the animals made her heart ache and she was not really sure how her time could make a difference for them. But she went into the shelter  anyway and picked out a shy tabby cat named Rudy, hiding in the back of the cage. She reached out to him with a reassuring touch, then took him into a visiting room and brushed and played with him for a while. She was amazed by the transformation from a frightened cat to a responsive, happy cat. When she put him back in the cage he reached out to her for more attention. The next time she came in he was gone; he had been adopted the next day.

A little of your time, a little of your love, can make a whole world of difference for animals here in the shelter. There is nothing more rewarding than saving an innocent life. It’s a joy you can create for yourself by volunteering at a local animal shelter.

Where to volunteer:

Nevada Humane Society in East Reno: or 775-856-2000

SPCA of Northern Nevada in North Reno: or 775-324-7773

Pet Network in Incline Village: or 775-832-4404

 Events that Help Homeless Pets

Adopt a Certified Pre-Owned Pet at Nevada Humane Society. 100,000 purr or tail-way warranty, standard 4-paw drive. Great low adoption fees! Open for adoption 7 days a week at 2825 Longley Lane, Reno, 11 am to 6:30 pm, 10 am on Saturdays.

Purses for Pets & Kitty Glitter benefits Pet Network. Now collecting donated purses and jewelry for this October event at drop-off locations across the area including Nevada Humane Society. or more info, call 775-832-4404 or email


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