Lights of Love

by Diane Blankenburg

It’s amazing to me how fast this year has passed and we are once again embracing the holiday season. It’s a time to celebrate life with loved ones. It’s also a time to give thanks for what we have and give back in appreciation.

I’m in my senior years now and unfortunately, so many of my human loved ones are no longer with me, making my furry family  extra special to me. In the past two years, I have lost two very dear dog companions, Lady and Marshall, which I miss very much. I also have gained two new wonderful canine friends that I cherish in an equally deep, but different way—Boomer and Beignet. I will once again hang stockings in memory of those that have passed and in honor of the ones that still light up my life.

Nevada Humane Society offers a unique way to celebrate these special lives—the Lights of Love tribute. In its sixth season, it’s a way for us all to acknowledge our four-legged loved ones, past and present, and help homeless pets at the same time. The NHS shelter will be illuminated in their honor and two fifteen-foot Lights of Love trees will be on display at The Summit and Legends at Sparks Marina malls.

You can help light up the lives of homeless animals in our community through a $10 contribution per light that celebrates each pet you cherish. This also makes the perfect gift for your animal-loving friends and families who already have everything they need.

So this year, I give thanks for all the pets that have walked through life with me over the years and for the pets that currently give me such unconditional love and pure joy. I celebrate life to the fullest with all those I care about—human and canine alike. And I graciously give back, helping homeless pets that cannot help themselves by commemorating my beloved pets past and present.

This holiday season, my four-legged friends will shine brightly along with thousands of other pets that had or still have loving homes during the holidays. How fitting that they will help illuminate the shelter where each year thousands of orphaned pets come so that they, too, can find homes for the holidays. There is no better tribute!

Events that Help Homeless Pets

Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption Drive at Nevada Humane Society aims to find homes for 1,200 orphaned pets by the end of the year. Adoption fees are $45 for adult dogs, $10 for adult cats and $30 for kittens. Open 7 days a week for pet adoptions at 2925 Longley Lane, Reno.

Lights of Love Tribute at Nevada Humane Society through January 1. $10 contribution lights a white light for each pet remembered or colored light for each pet honored. Sponsored through Christmas Décor by Signature Landscape. Great gift idea! For more info, call 775-856-2000 or visit

Jolly Holly Paws Fundraiser to benefit Shakespeare Animal Fund. November 30, 6pm at Grand Sierra Resort. Silent auction, great food, pet photo contest, and other fun activities. For more info or to buy tickets, call 775-232-7753 or email


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