Just another Day at Nevada Humane Society

by Bonney Brown

Miles, a charming young tabby cat, walks with one stiff leg; the result of a run-in with a car. The veterinary staff in our clinic provided the lifesaving care Miles critically needed. His pelvis and leg were broken and he needed surgery to save his life. Miles cannot jump very well, but he gets around just fine with his peg leg. Now he all he needs is a loving home.

Norwood, a Dachshund-mix, and seven of his dog friends arrived at the shelter last week. Their person had passed away, leaving them, four cats, and two birds without anyone to care for them. Norwood is extremely overweight and he huffs and puffs at the slightest effort. He is getting the full treatment in our clinic– blood work, dental care, and lots of TLC. We hope he will be ready for a new home just in time for the holidays.

Ono, an exceedingly friendly pet pig who was not getting enough to eat, was also rescued this week. She got a ride in our horse trailer straight to her new home, where she enjoys a spacious corral with a cozy shelter, plenty of food, and a llama friend to keep her company.

When a litter of day-old puppies arrived at the shelter they went into the care of one of our managers, Debbie Kelly. Debbie took them home and fed them throughout the night every two hours– and many nights afterwards. One of the puppies had a cleft lip and we were not sure what the outcome would be for him, but Debbie was determined to give him the best shot at life. She named him Wilbur for his likeness to Wilbur of Charlotte’s Web. The pups thrived and now, eight weeks later, they are plump, happy, and ready for adoption.

Each day, new animals arrive at Nevada Humane Society in need of shelter and care, filling every day with new challenges, but also with lifesaving miracles. Our dedicated staff is there for them thanks to you. You see, our work for the animals is funded entirely by kind people, like you. We do not receive government funds or money from large national groups. The same is true of the other wonderful animal rescue organizations in our community. So I hope that as you think about giving to your favorite causes this season, you will remember the animals.

Ways You Can Help Homeless Pets:

Home for the Holidays Adoption Drive at Nevada Humane Society through January 1. Adopt a pet and help reach the goal of finding homes for 1,200 pets. Special adoption fees are $45 for most adult dogs, $10 for adult cats, $30 for kittens.



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