Heroes of the Animal Welfare World

by Diane Blankenburg

Nevada Humane Society has become a model for open-admission, no-kill shelters across the country through our efforts over the last six years. It is an accomplishment for which we are all very proud, but at the same time, it is extremely humbling.

As I meet other people in the animal welfare field, the reaction is sometimes similar to meeting their favorite rock star or childhood hero. In reality, we have faced the same challenges and persevered in spite of them. We have gone through the same blood, sweat, and tears as any other animal shelter that is just trying to do the right thing.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Kansas City Pet Project (KCPP) in Kansas City, Missouri. KCPP is a new organization (about one year old) who took over the daunting task of operating its city animal shelter, and boldly began leading lifesaving efforts of homeless pets throughout the Kansas City community. This was the brainchild of a few people who simply had a dream and the grit and determination to make that dream come true.

Against all odds, they have achieved remarkable success in a very short period of time, saving more lives than ever before. The management team is united in fulfilling the organization’s mission—their dream–to end the killing of healthy and treatable pets in Kansas City. They will not be satisfied until this dream is realized and they know they have created a sustainable, lifesaving community.

KCPP is proud (as it should be) but also humble. They are poised to take the organization to the next level but also realize that they still have lots to learn and understand in order to make this happen. And they are reaching out for every resource available to ensure their dream comes true as efficiently and effectively as possible—not for their own glory, but for the sake of the homeless pets who have no voice.

For me, groups like KCPP are also heroes. The founders  believed in something, took responsibility, and reached for the stars. I was flattered to learn that we inspired them to keep going even when the going was very difficult.  But they are also an inspiration to me, helping us keep on doing the right thing.

So I am quite proud to be a part of Nevada Humane Society where we reached our dream of becoming a true safety net for our community’s homeless pets; and I am honored to have met the KCPP team and played a role in helping them also make their dreams come true.

Events that Help Animals

Doggie Palooza Week special adoption fees from March 6 – 12. Adopt an adult dog for $40 and an adult cat for $20. All animals are microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. Call 775-856-2000 for more information.



3 Responses to “Heroes of the Animal Welfare World”

  1. akacheshire Says:

    wonderful!i just added your blog to read n get info from.i have alot of reading to do.but thankyou for the wonderful news of no kills!thats great i and many animals thankyou for it.peace!cheshire

  2. akacheshire Says:

    Reblogged this on akacheshire and commented:
    good news .good reading.

  3. Paul Says:

    INCREDIBLE! We would LOVE to follow your example. In Albuquerque we actually had a “Free Fido” weekend. All dog adoption fees were waived. This met with lots of opposition from within as well as outside sources, but our research showed that the adoption fees were NOT a driver for good adopters. In fact we saw a higher caliber of adopter (yeah, we had to escort a few off the planet) because the publicity this event got reached so much more of our population. It was a resounding success…sadly, we’re back to being full. SPAY AND NEUTER for doggies sake!

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