Kindness Prevails

by Bonney Brown

One evening last week, Beata was walking her dog, Loki, along their usual route. When they approached a vacant lot, Loki stopped and began sniffing at the fence of the overgrown property. Loki would not budge so Beata knelt down to see why and spotted a small animal carrier that had been thrown over the high chain link fence.

It was too far to reach so Beata located a long stick and moved the carrier a bit—she heard a soft meow in response. She looked for a larger stick to try to move the carrier closer to the fence, but was unsuccessful, so she flagged down a pickup truck that was driving by. The kind driver agreed to help even though he was on his way to an appointment. He climbed over the fence and got the carrier out. It was a tiny, flat carrier and the young mother cat and two kittens barely fit inside. The driver also allowed Beata to use his cell phone to call Animal Services. They asked that she take them home until an officer could come by to get them.

Beata walked two miles home with the carrier and put the cat and kittens into a dog crate. They hungrily ate the food she offered. Neighbors came out to see what was going on and they decided to adopt one of the kittens on the spot.

When you start to contemplate the cold heart of the individual who put the animals in a carrier and tossed them over the fence dooming them to a horrible fate, well, your view of the human race can become quite dark. But as usual, Beata had a better way of looking at it. She shared a quote from Mister Rogers:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

This story has many helpers—heroes really. There’s Loki (the dog), and Beata, the man in the pick-up truck, the neighbors who opened their hearts and home to one of the kittens, the animal services officer who took the cat and remaining kitten to the shelter, and the Nevada Humane Society vets and staff who took care of them and will find them loving homes.

The world is full of kind people who do the right thing, and thankfully, they far outnumber the thoughtless people.


One Response to “Kindness Prevails”

  1. Bett Sundermeyer Says:

    Thank you. I agree that there are far more people willing to step up and help animals vs. those who are uncaring and would do harm to animals. Those of us involved in animal rescue frequently forget this though because we see so much of the results of thoughtlessness and cruelty. It is easy to become jaded. I hear so many rescuers say that they “hate humans” because of the cruelty that they see, but I try to remind them (and myself) to look around and see the massive number of people who, work their fingers to the bone and spend their last dime, to help animals.

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