Everyday Heroes of Homeless Pets

by Denise Stevens

Some nights I just need to unwind and I do so by watching mindless TV. While watching “Supergirl” (yes, I am ashamed), I began to think about who the everyday heroes are in life. Every day there are people who silently, without fanfare, perform acts of heroism. While they do not zap bad guys with laser eyes or lift multi-ton girders from innocent victims, Nevada Humane Society heroes are the thousands of adopters and volunteers who give so much to help homeless pets.

NHS heroes are from all walks of life. They dress differently, have different incomes and different colors of hair, (only a few wear super capes) and enjoy different things.  Nevertheless, they share some heroic commonalities. These are the heroes who adopt homeless pets into their loving homes and the people who volunteer their time to help these same pets while they wait for their adoptive hero’s and the people who otherwise support the lifesaving efforts of NHS. Each day dozens of people stream through the doors, looking for that pet that speaks to their heart, waiting for their opportunity for heroism.

Take Bugsy for example. She arrived at NHS at just a few weeks old, after a Good Samaritan found her wandering the streets, alone, fighting a severe kitty cold and eye infection. Once she was brought to NHS, she received medication, eye surgery and plenty of TLC from the veterinarian team. She then went to a foster home while she recovered and grew big and strong. Just the other day she came back and was placed on our adoption floor, going home within just a couple of days. For Bugsy alone, she had several everyday heroes—her Good Samaritan, the NHS veterinary team, her foster family, and now, her adopters! Multiply that by the thousands upon thousands of homeless pets that come through NHS—well, you can easily see the number of heroes involved in lifesaving is infinite.

Merriam-Webster defines a hero as a noun, a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities as well as a person who is greatly admired. For NHS and the animals we provide care for, the definition of a hero enhances even more qualities. Our everyday animal heroes are those who give donations of their time and money; those who are here every day as volunteers to socialize, care for, and love on the animals awaiting new homes; those who adopt and encourage their friends to adopt; and lastly, those who work for NHS, who are here because of more than a paycheck—they’re here for the reward of making a difference in the lives of those who need us. Heroes come to us in all forms, yet they all have the same purpose—to provide some kind of lifesaving effort to animals in need.

Here’s to the heroes of Northern Nevada and all across the country who are stepping up to make a difference for homeless pets—because without you, Bugsy and her fellow animal friends wouldn’t be getting that chance they deserve at life.

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