A Second Chance Well Deserved


by Kimberly Wade

Recently, there was a story that made local headlines. Two adult dogs were found at the dog park in Hidden Valley early one morning—locked inside the fenced park with dog food and a blanket. It wasn’t clear how long they had been there, but someone walking their own dog that morning found them and called Washoe County Regional Animal Services.

The dogs are now at Nevada Humane Society waiting for a second chance at love—and this is where I, along with my fellow staff, will display infinite amounts of compassion. While we may struggle to understand why this could happen, we understand that sometimes things are out of our control. Sometimes there are no other options. Sometimes, it’s just plain hard to face the idea of leaving your pet at a shelter. There are plenty of people who don’t understand what we do and no matter how nice a facility or how short a stay, they still don’t agree with turning a pet into a shelter. We get it. We understand. But we are not here to judge or to reprimand or to place blame. We are here for the animals.

Kuro, a black lab, and Kibo, a brown and tan shepherd mix, are both about a year old. They were clearly loved by their family. They are social, friendly, well-mannered and affectionate. Their coats are shiny and well-groomed, their teeth sparkling white, and their overall body condition good. They even have custom dog tags that read “please love me.” Someone loved these two.

I repeat. As tough as it is, we are not here to judge. We are here to help give homeless pets a second chance. Kuro and Kibo are beyond fantastic. Having spent quite a bit of time with them I can tell you firsthand they are happy-go-lucky, carefree, loving, young pups—and they are going to make a family very happy, very soon. And yes, seeing how bonded they are, we are looking for a home for the two of them together—and they deserve that. And we are going to give it to them.

If you want to meet this dynamic duo, Kuro and Kibo will be at the inaugural Fido Fest, a fabulous doggie extravaganza, this Saturday, March 12 from 10am to 2pm. Hosted by and at The Summit in South Reno, the festivities include a Fido Marketplace, dozens of adoptable dogs, a one mile walk for you and your pooch, live entertainment, K9 agility courses and more! Fido Fest is free and open to the public—including your furry friends! If you’re looking to add to your family Fido Fest is the perfect time to meet someone! Will you stop by to say hello to Kuro and Kibo and enjoy a doggone good time?

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