What Makes an Angel Pet Special?

by Kimberly Wade

Wanted: A family, made up of one human or several, who will provide unconditional love, support and care, as well as a comfy bed, toys, yummy treats and unlimited belly rubs (and the occasional long walk on the beach).

Alexia is a medium sized, two year old (practically a pup) with a black, shiny coat and big amber colored eyes. Her smile is infectious, her dream job is to be a professional Frisbee golfer and her inspiration comes from watching Olympic athletes on TV. She’s 45% lap dog, 15% road trip buddy, and all goofball (seriously, you’ll never meet a more butt-wiggling, happy-go-lucky dog). Alexia is an Angel Pet.

Petunia is pushing 11, with golden brown tiger stripes and eyes showcasing a deep love and appreciation. Her dream job is a massage therapist which stems from her love of belly rubs and ear scratches. She spends 45% of her time seeking attention from humans, another 20% as a yoga instructor (have you seen a cat stretch?) and the remaining time proving she’s a graduate of charm school. Petunia is an Angel Pet.

Right now, there are about two dozen Angel Pets at Nevada Humane Society—dogs and cats with unique conditions. We’re highlighting them because they are in need of loving homes even more than anyone else—plus their adoption fee is waived and the vet care associated with the condition is covered by the Nevada Humane Society vet clinic. Their conditions range from diabetes to kidney disease to overactive thyroid glands—chronic but treatable and manageable medical conditions. Alexia has a heart murmur, managed by daily medications and a really lazy lifestyle. Petunia’s kidneys no longer function like they once did so she needs daily medications and a special diet to remind them who’s boss.

You know that we feel that all homeless pets deserve love and second chances, but these guys and gals, just like Alexia and Petunia, carry an even bigger need which is why we’re raising awareness for them. Angel Pets offer companionship, unconditional love and every other benefit a pet provides—but they too need something in return. Whether a prescription diet or daily medications, Angel Pets need a family who will commit to them and be there for them in sickness and health—and Nevada Humane Society is here to provide medical care, training, and support for any condition these animals may have.

By asking the various customers that come into our shelter, we’ve discovered that many people express interest in adopting a pet with special needs but do not have the financial means to absorb the cost of medical care. Under the Angel Pets program, Nevada Humane Society eases the burden of caring for that pet while the adopter gives the pet a chance to live a healthy life outside of the shelter. We waive adoption fees and cover medical care relating to their condition in our vet clinic—because that’s how much we feel the Alexias and Petunias deserve a home.

If you have ever thought about opening your heart and home to a special pet, please consider adopting an Angel Pet from Nevada Humane Society. You can visit the shelter, spend time with one—or several—Angel Pets and see who is a good fit for you. Remember, we’ll offer education and support regarding their medical condition, arm you with supplies and send you home with any medications and pet food. That means all you need to do… is love. We promise it’ll be the best relationship you’ll ever have, so what do you say? Will you be the human angel to one of our Angel Pets?


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