12 Saves of Christmas: #7 Kasey and Sweet Pea

Nevada Humane Society’s 12 Saves of Christmas was introduced several years ago. It received an overwhelmingly positive response, letters of appreciation, and more, all of which came unexpectedly to us. We see day in and day out the difference we make in the lives of thousands of animals but we didn’t realize we weren’t fully communicating those lifesaving efforts to you – our biggest fans. Thus, the 12 Saves of Christmas was created. Now, every holiday season, we find ourselves receiving messages asking when our 12 Saves of Christmas begins. Without further ado, we present to you the 12 Saves of Christmas of 2016.


12 Saves of Christmas #7: Kasey and Sweet Pea

Imagine that you’re a dog, and you’ve lived with the same family your entire life, in the same house, in the same neighborhood. Everything is familiar to you and you can’t imagine life any other way. Suddenly, it’s all gone.

You’re still in the same house, but your person is no longer there. You brother is, thank goodness, and you cuddle together day after day, as different people come in and out of the house to care for you. But none of them are your person.

Eventually, you end up being taken to a place where you see lots of other dogs—cats too. You’re not sure what it is, but you hold your head up high, stick close to your brother and wait it out.

Kasey, a four year old golden lab, and Sweet Pea, a nine year old brindle terrier mix, experienced this exact scenario. The two had been together their entire lives, with one person, and suddenly, their person passed away. They remained in the house for a short while, as others came by to care for them, but ultimately they were alone. They were scared and sad, not knowing what their future held.

It became clear that no one would take them in, so they wound up at Nevada Humane Society on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a lot for them to accept—a busy, energizing place full of people and pets. They were both a bit underweight, but more Kasey than Sweet Pea. They both wore fuzzy coats and huddled together on their bed, while they watched people pass them by. It was as if each time someone passed, they were wondering if it was their person.

The staff knew they were withdrawn, so every day, our team would spend time with them, whether feeding extra treats, or reading to them, or even just sitting in their kennel. They would go for short walks with them and tuck them in at the end of every night. We knew they needed lots of extra love and attention and we were willing to give it to them.

Little by little, Kasey and Sweet Pea began coming out of their shells. They slowly began to trust us and gave us a hint at their personalities—both sweet, gentle, and affectionate.

Just yesterday, Kasey and Sweet Pea received an early holiday gift. A woman came in, looking to adopt, and we spent some time with her to find out what kind of dogs she was looking for. She was open minded and wanting to give a great home to someone in need. We introduced her to Kasey and Sweet Pea, and it wasn’t long before her heart was set. They were going home.

Sometimes when animals arrive in pairs it takes longer to get them adopted, and really, the only reason we can assume why, is because there aren’t a lot of people who can take on two pets at once—especially bigger dogs! But as with Kasey and Sweet Pea, who literally would cry if they were apart for even a few minutes, we can tell when they belong together, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to give them time to find just the right home.

Thank you for allowing us to do this. Thank you for sharing our stories so that more animals just like Kasey and Sweet Pea can go home. Thank you for being open minded when you visit us, and not being set on a breed, or age, or particular look. You are the people who help find homes for the animals that need it maybe a little more than the others. You are saving lives every single day, just like we are.


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