12 Saves of Christmas: #8 The Socially Awkward Sweeties


Nevada Humane Society’s 12 Saves of Christmas was introduced several years ago. It received an overwhelmingly positive response, letters of appreciation, and more, all of which came unexpectedly to us. We see day in and day out the difference we make in the lives of thousands of animals but we didn’t realize we weren’t fully communicating those lifesaving efforts to you – our biggest fans. Thus, the 12 Saves of Christmas was created. Now, every holiday season, we find ourselves receiving messages asking when our 12 Saves of Christmas begins. Without further ado, we present to you the 12 Saves of Christmas of 2016.


12 Saves of Christmas #8: Socially Awkward Sweeties

Barely two months ago, a very unique group of cats arrived at Nevada Humane Society. There were about 60 of them and they had all come from the same home. Most were in good health and looked like they had been well cared for—they just didn’t get to spend enough time with their person so some of them were introverted. It’s a scenario that happens every now and then and requires us to go above and beyond to find just the right homes.

T. Goji is four. T. Missy Mae is two. T. Finch and T. Sea Bass are one. Nearly all of the cats are black and white, with such similar features it’s hard to tell them apart. There’s one orange and white one, T. Crane, who is also a young buck. T. Birch is the only smoke colored one. They are all housed in one big room, a colony, and they are quite a sight. When they first arrived, they would tend to hide when you walked into the room. Now, most of them come out and solicit attention—or at least show off by chasing toys, leaping through the air or using the giant cat exercise wheel.


The thing about this family is that they are what we call socially awkward. You know. The type that would definitely not be named Most Popular or most Likely to Succeed. They’re goofy, quiet, imperfect felines, which, in our opinion is better. The ones that are perfectly groomed, with symmetric coloring and who gracefully leap from perch to perch are, well, boring. This group is definitely not boring.

Here’s the deal. You know that person that doesn’t like to be hugged? Or the one who tends to sit in the corner at parties and keep to himself? Our Socially Awkward Sweeties are just that.

T. Goji is a Magician. For years, he has studied the ancient art of vanishing from the highest level magicians in the world. T. Goji can disappear in an instant—so fast you may even doubt you saw him in the first place.

T. Birch was given an invisibility cloak as a gift. The problem? It doesn’t work all the time. That’s why sometimes you see him and sometimes you don’t. His spot tends to be at the top of the ladder, so be sure to look for him there.

T. Sea Bass is the talkative one, but kind of a tease. She loves to flirt and draw you in, then turn away, tail in the air. She’s coming around, and seems to be the leader of the pack, so that’s a good thing.

More times than not, people want to help our animal friends and get in over their heads. This is just that—someone who wanted to help cat after cat after cat. It didn’t work, which is why they are all here.

This holiday season, we would love to see these most entertaining kitties find a home. They would do best in pairs, or even threesomes, as they are often found playing a game of pig pile on each other. They may in fact be invisible in your home for a little while, but in time, they’ll be okay. Heck, if you’re not a cat lover then these are the perfect cats for you—you may not ever see them!


You know by now that we’re all about lifesaving at Nevada Humane Society so no matter whether you’re voted Most Outgoing or not, we think you deserve a future. Our Socially Awkward Sweeties are starting to make a name for themselves here but we want them to make a name for themselves in your homes. And hey, if you like a challenge, you can always spend as much time with them as you want and see if they do become that affectionate, head-butting, purr monster you prefer—because they very well may.

While ultimately this family of cats was given a second chance just by arriving at our shelter, they do deserve a real home. Won’t you take a chance this holiday season and every day thereafter to make their dreams come true? Won’t you make this Christmas Save a reality?

Visit us daily from 11am to 6:30pm and an hour earlier on Saturdays. The Socially Awkward Sweeties reside at our Reno shelter and would love to entertain you, so please, stop by and say hello… or at least share this message. You are the ones who enable our lifesaving efforts, so we’re challenging you to do so again—by finding homes for the Socially Awkward Sweeties.


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