12 Saves of Christmas: #11 Shyanne the Senior

Nevada Humane Society’s 12 Saves of Christmas was introduced several years ago. It received an overwhelmingly positive response, letters of appreciation, and more, all of which came unexpectedly to us. We see day in and day out the difference we make in the lives of thousands of animals but we didn’t realize we weren’t fully communicating those lifesaving efforts to you – our biggest fans. Thus, the 12 Saves of Christmas was created. Now, every holiday season, we find ourselves receiving messages asking when our 12 Saves of Christmas begins. Without further ado, we present to you the 12 Saves of Christmas of 2016.


12 Saves of Christmas #11: Shyanne the Senior

Shyanne, along with her brother Rocky, arrived at Nevada Humane Society in Carson City in June. They were both about 11 years old, Akita and Shepherd mix, with personalities that danced between grumpy and affectionate. Though they were siblings, over time it became clear they weren’t very bonded, as they were a bit selfish when it came to attention—and who wouldn’t be?

As seniors, big in size, and sometimes indifferent to people, they remained at Nevada Humane Society longer than most other dogs. Shyanne didn’t show well either—she would pretend to be really shy and disinterested and usually turned her nose up at people. Rocky, on the other hand, was social and would sit nicely and smile at people.

Normally, if a pair of animals arrive, we do our best to send them home together. However, sometimes they don’t go home together—and that’s not a bad thing. Shyanne and Rocky, for example. They were two different personalities and fought for attention. If we could find a home for each of them where they each got as much attention as they wanted, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Rocky soon found a family and we made the tough decision to separate the two, even though we knew it was in their best interest.

Shyanne remained at the shelter. We took her to events, talked her up to everyone and tried to find her a home. Finally, a kind family came in to meet her. They recently sent in photos and the story surrounding their adoption, and explained why they picked her. It’s truly as if everything worked out for a reason, because Rocky is doing well and happy in his home, and Shyanne is apparently having the time of her life. Sometimes things just happen, and we couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.

“Dear Nevada Humane Society,

About three years ago, we adopted a senior, Bella, from your shelter. We already had a male Akita, Avy. They became the best of friends until Bella passed away in August. Avy was not himself so we began looking for a companion. Sadly, we couldn’t find anyone who was a good fit.

We had seen Shyanne’s photo a couple months back and noticed she was still at your Carson City shelter. We felt bad that she was still there… yet we also felt compelled to see her. My husband and I drove to Carson with Avy, just to see. When I went in to visit with Shyanne, she licked my hand and was very sweet, but then she laid down in her kennel and she came across as really sad. My husband brought Avy into the building to see how it was going. He walked up to the window where Shyanne and I were visiting and when Shyanne saw him she leapt up and started licking the glass. She was like a different dog; happy!

We arranged to do a meet and greet outside on the grass with both of the dogs. The staff helped us with this and it went beyond well. They even said that Avy was the first dog that Shyanne actually liked! We took her home 20 minutes later.

Today (late November), we can proudly say they both get along wonderfully. Shyanne may be 11, but she plays with Avy like a pup! She jumps and taps him on the shoulder and they go off running. We have a large yard and they like to patrol and look for birds. She’s learning that barking is not the answer and how to use a doggie door.

Avy loves her. They are always together. They have a great energy balance even though there is a big age difference. Shyanne has become an instant family member and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us.

Thank you so much for the care you have given her in the past. Rest assured, she is well taken care of now. –Bev”shyanne3


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