The Clock is Ticking for Reina

Adoptable Pets at Nevada Humane SocietyCan you help the animals in these final days of this year?

It was a November afternoon when Reina, a little Tortoiseshell kitten, arrived at Nevada Humane Society after being found on the street. She had been in some sort of accident; no one knew exactly what happened. She was only two months old, with a large wound on her back left leg. It was so bad she wasn’t using it. Her right leg had a smaller wound, but nonetheless was injured. She struggled to get around and we knew it was a miracle that she was found, because time was not on her side.

We rushed her to our veterinary clinic where we began pain medications and antibiotics, cleaned her wounds and made sure she was warm. Once stabilized, we began a series of x-rays to see how bad her legs were injured. Later, Reina later was hand fed nourishing food and plenty of water, and then tucked into a cozy bed to rest.

Once the x-rays processed, we knew what we were dealing with. Her left leg was severely fractured and the exterior wound was bad. Reina’s right leg, thankfully, was not as seriously injured – it wasn’t broken! We knew then that we could amputate the left leg without it causing any problem to her mobility, because the right one would heal. We breathed a sigh of relief.

When tiny animals like Reina arrive with injuries, it’s always touch and go until we know how to proceed. We want what is best for all of them as we feel all lives are precious. We don’t judge based on age or breed or time at the shelter. We are here to give everyone a second chance at a family. From our veterinary staff, to our animal caregivers, to our leaders and volunteers, we are all on the same page—we are here to save lives.

Reina came through her surgery with flying colors. Her recovery was uneventful… until two weeks later. She was so determined to get around and learn how to use her new little body (minus one leg) that she somehow broke two of her tiny toes! Maybe it was her kitten acrobatics or getting into the holiday decorations at her foster home. We don’t know. We do know she was stubborn. We placed her leg in a splint so that her tiny toes could heal and told her foster mom to insist that she rest. We didn’t want Reina to have any more injuries.

Just this weekend Reina enjoyed a wonderful holiday and her foster tells us she is doing well. Her outlook on life is good – she is ready to be a kitten again! Very soon she will be given the all clear by our veterinary team and will be ready for a home of her own.

We cannot thank you enough for enabling us to be here for Reina. Donations from wonderful people like you make it possible for us to provide long-term care and truly be there for our homeless pets.

Now, in the final days of 2016, we hope that you will consider making a donation to help kittens just like Reina. You can send a check or make a credit card donation online or by phone between now and December 31 and to take advantage of this deduction on your 2016 taxes. Your contribution will be put to work right away making a difference for our animals.

If you would like to stop by to make your donation in person, we are open every day through the end of the year, 11:00 am to 6:30 pm and on Saturday, New Year’s Eve, from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Your donations enable us to provide care and find loving, new homes for the dogs and cats of our community who are in need. Thank you so much for your fabulous lifesaving generosity over the past year, and thank you, too, for your compassion and your willingness to take action on behalf of the animals.

With very best wishes,

Kimberly Wade

Senior Manager of Communications and Events, Nevada Humane Society

P.S. We rely entirely on donations to help the homeless animals and you can be assured that your gift to Nevada Humane Society always helps animals right here in Washoe County and Carson City. We are not affiliated with any other organizations, local or national, and rely on you to fund our lifesaving mission.


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