Oakley the Kitten Has a Happy Ending

Oakley Collageby Kimberly Wade

Back in February, a little black kitten made headlines throughout Carson City. Oakley took it upon herself to have a nature adventure and climbed all the way to the top of an Oak tree (hence, her name). Sadly, she couldn’t quite figure out how to get down. At only six months old, her life experience was still minimal, and there was no mom in sight to help her. She began to cry.

A nearby Carson City resident heard her cries and went outside to see what the noise was. Imagine their surprise to find Oakley, high atop an Oak tree in a neighboring yard! Our Nevada Humane Society Animal Control Officers were called but we didn’t have the right tools to get into the tree—not to mention it would have been extremely risky for a person to climb the thin, unsteady branches. The resident then called Healthy Trees, a business local to Carson City. Lucky for all of us, they were available to help.

John and Sean used their climbing gear to safely reach little Oakley, then they repelled down to us. She was in good spirits, not injured and appeared to be friendly with everyone. Healthy Trees saved the day.

Oakley remained at Nevada Humane Society for five days to see if anyone claimed her. No one came forward so we went ahead and spayed her, vaccinated her and microchipped her, then put her up for adoption. Her story at that point had been published throughout Washoe County and Carson City, so it was no surprise when a wonderful family came forward to meet her.

Just the other day Oakley’s new family sent us an adorable photos and message:

“We love her! She has bonded with us all, especially my son and is very playful and loving. She loves dogs…no worries with our two, even on the first night…crazy! She and our 13-year-old kitty are working on it but we have no doubt that one day we’ll come home and they will be curled up in a dog bed together. She also plays with Leo’s tail… it’s pretty funny since she doesn’t have one. By the way, we’ve modified her name to Annie Oakley! We love the story of her rescue, but thought it added a fun western flair! We call her by her full name….Annie said really fast. Thanks again for rescuing her and for keeping her safe to find her loving home!  I don’t know who she lived with before us, but honestly, they must miss her. She is a joy!”

Aww, we love this! It’s so good to hear of the community coming together to help Oakley and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of Carson City. Happy Tails to Oakley!

P.S. Healthy Trees said if we get stuck in this situation again (because we know cats climb) we can call them anytime! Great job Carson community!



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