Lucinda’s Second Chance

by Kimberly Wade

To say I don’t have favorites would be a lie. Even in my own home, I definitely have animals that I favor, but I’ll never admit who. It’s somewhat the same at Nevada Humane Society. Every animal that comes through our doors, over 12,000 homeless pets each year, is special, but every now and then one needs a little more attention than the others, and it’s easy to see why they are the ones that become my favorites.

Lucinda is a gorgeous, chocolate point Siamese. She’s got a beautiful—and typical—Siamese personality. She’s talkative, charming, affectionate and intuitive. As a personal fan of Siamese, she has easily worked her way into my heart, but it’s time for her to work her way into yours, especially as she asks for help.

Lucinda was found alone on the streets fighting several injuries. She had electrical burns in her mouth, a bad eye infection and was severely underweight. We don’t know what happened to her but we do know she needed help. When she arrived at Nevada Humane Society, she was rushed to our veterinary clinic. She was immediately given IV fluids to hydrate her, pain medications for the burns in her mouth and tucked into a warm bed to bring her temperature up. We started her on antibiotics for her eyes and tried to feed her—she refused. We knew we had to closely monitor her because with everything she was facing, though her will to survive was there, it wasn’t strong.

The next morning Lucinda looked a bit better and tried to eat a little on her own. The pain meds and antibiotics had begun to work and her instinct took over—she was hungry! It allowed us a sigh of relief but our work wasn’t over yet.

Lucinda bounced back and forth for several days between good and bad but through it all she purred and nuzzled her head in our hands. Her fight to survive was getting better, thanks to our caring staff, and slowly, she began to perk up.

Once her vitals were within more normal limits, she was spayed. Her eye infection wasn’t clearing up, and it was obvious one eye was much worse than the other so we chose to remove it. She continued to receive IV fluids, daily medication, appetite stimulants and an overwhelming amount of TLC from staff—myself included. I had met her on day two and knew she was a special gal. I told her to hang in there, fight for that second chance and saw the appreciation in her eyes as I just sat and talked to her.

Today, over a month later, I can finally say she’s looking fabulous. Her eye has healed, and her remaining eye shines bright blue in color. Her fur is velvety soft, and while her legs are still shaved from where the IVs were inserted, she’s gaining weight and it’s safe to say Lucinda is well on the mend and will soon be ready for a home.

Lucinda’s stay here hasn’t been without financial struggles. From her initial treatment to her eye surgery to her continuing care the cost has added up. Though she more than deserved it, would you be so kind as to donate to Lucinda? We have a special fund, Emily’s Fund, which provides for sick and injured pets. So far this year, we’ve unfortunately seen many, Lucinda included. We always go the extra mile for them, but would welcome your financial support—everything helps. You can donate online through our website,, or you can call us at 775-856-2000 ext. 324 or 332. You can also mail or drop off your donation. Just earmark it for Emily’s Fund. Lucinda, and the many others like her, deserve your support, and you can be confident your donations are providing for those without a voice. Like I said, we don’t know what happened to her but we are here to save her. You make that possible. Thank you, in advance, for your support for Lucinda and I can’t wait to see who falls for this beauty and takes her home—because she’s going to make someone very happy. Adoptable Pets at Nevada Humane Society


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