Mother’s Day: It’s not just for Humans

by Kimberly Wade

Mother’s Day is nearly here and I bet before I even begin this you can guess what I’m going to write about…. and you’re right! Here’s the thing. Just because I, along with many other women out there, don’t have human kids, it doesn’t make me any less of a person. In fact, we’re all moms too—to kids of the four-legged kind.

Yup, I went there. I know however, others feel as I do on this subject as you will read below.

People are always asking me when I am having kids. It went from being sweet to funny to irritating and sometimes uncomfortable. Most people don’t seem to respect that it’s a very personal decision, not to mention you never know what a woman may be facing physically. It took me some time, but I finally decided to ignore the questions or comments and instead embrace the reality, I am a mother.

At Nevada Humane Society we consider pets family. So do many of you, so what’s to take away from the fact that we, as humans, are parents to them? My husband and I have six, yes, six, animals. That is just as much work (sometimes more) than a child. Seriously. Especially given they range from one year to almost 15 years old! Pet lovers know that young animals are typically bouncing off the wall no matter what time of day, and that seniors can be prone to the normal aging challenges. Pets require care and attention and love just like human kids do. And the coolest thing? Pets offer unconditional love! That means unlike the human teen who demands independence and locks herself in her room, or gets mad because she can’t use her cell phone at dinner, pets love you all the time, no matter how busy you are or how little you have. They just want you, a warm bed, a healthy diet, and maybe some toys. It’s that easy. Plus, you can kennel a dog if they’re acting up during your dinner party—you can’t really do that with a kid (though I do know of kids who sleep with the dog in his kennel).

Though this article is meant in good fun, I do honestly consider myself a mom, as do 99% of the people around me who have pets. Our four-legged babies are our kids. We are proud to show off photos of them on our phones, spend thousands in pet supplies, and even travel with them. We often spend more in veterinary care on our furry children than we do on ourselves. They are treated like family, because they are family.

Last year my husband brought me home flowers for Mother’s Day…. flowers from our animals. It was beyond fabulous and it honestly lifted my spirits and made me very happy. He’s right. I’m a mom, he’s a dad. So are all of you.

So no matter what form your children take, here’s to a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families. Whether you share an ice cream with your human kid or your dog, or enjoy a glass of wine with your cat (there is such a thing as wine for cats; Google it), remember, we’re all Moms. So go pet your cat, play fetch with the dog, or take your human to the movies and be proud to celebrate Mother’s Day.


Kimberly Wade is the Communications Director for Nevada Humane Society. She has been with the organization for 7 years but her passion for animals began as a child. Kimberly lives with her husband, 3 cats (one pictured) and 3 dogs.


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