Finding Homes for Everyone

by Kimberly Wade

Summertime is typically the time of year when shelters—Nevada Humane Society included—are seeing kennels fill up and space limitations stretch. Kittens and puppies arrive daily, needing specialty care to help them grow big and strong for adoption, while adult animals sometimes (I said sometimes) are passed over for their younger counterparts. It gets crowded in shelters, and though at Nevada Humane Society our population is still much less than it was a decade ago when we changed the mission to one of lifesaving, we still have plenty of animals that need you and a loving home. That’s why we’re so glad to be participating in Clear the Shelters this weekend, on Saturday, August 19.

NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations’ Clear the Shelters is a community-driven nationwide pet adoption campaign that seeks to match deserving animals with loving and permanent homes. This year, NBC and Telemundo stations all across the country will join with hundreds of animal shelters, including Nevada Humane Society in both Reno and Carson City, to offer low cost pet adoption fees to help families find and adopt a new pet. Since 2015, Clear the Shelters has resulted in more than 70,000 pet adoptions nationwide and we’re thrilled to be adding to those numbers this year!

PV is an incredibly gorgeous gal (despite the odd name) who is only about a year old. She has these beautiful gray and white tabby markings and the sweetest smile. She’s actually been here longer than most others because of her spitfire purrsonality. Yes, she’s plenty sweet, but she also has a lot of spice to her! She loves to cuddle but now and then gets a little feisty, so she needs a cat savvy family who can read her signals when she’s telling you to back off. She also prefers to be the boss, so for her to be your only pet is ideal, as well as a home with no young kids. She’s one of my favorites and also one who needs some added help finding a home, so we’re hoping during Clear the Shelters she’ll meet her match.

Beltor is a seven year old terrier, part pit bull (ish), part water dog and part lap dog. He thinks he’s puppy size and can fit anywhere but in realty he’s large. He’s distinguished and sophisticated, yet sometimes shy at first glance. He may take a bit to open up to you but once he does, BAM! His personality is out and there is no stopping it! He has the best smile and would do anything to make his person happy. He was actually at our Walk for Animals last weekend and he and I sat in a kiddie pool together people watching. Yes, I’m serious. He too has been here longer than most, and for him, Clear the Shelters is going to change this by allowing him to find his perfect family.

I could go on and on about so many of our animals that have become special to me. There’s Aspen, whose picture is featured. She was briefly in our admin offices to gain back some of her confidence after a slow start at the shelter. Now she’s plenty confident, so much so that she doesn’t necessarily love other cats and would prefer a home of her own. And she has a crooked tail—it may have broken many years ago and was never fixed, so it permanently waves an ecstatic hello to you. Pretty stinking adorable. There’s also Duce and Leo, two brown and white Chihuahua (ish) dogs. They are cuter than anything, all tail wagging, teeth showing smiles. For little guys, they have big personalities and we love to watch them charm the socks off of everyone.

Clear the Shelters is locally sponsored by KRNV News 4 and we know that thanks to them, Petco and so many others that have made this nationwide pet adoption event possible, our animals are going to get lucky this weekend—specifically on Saturday, August 19. We’re open normal adoption hours, from 10am to 6:30pm at both locations (2825 Longley Lane in Reno and 549 Airport Road in Carson). We have already low adoption fees, but certain seniors, dogs that have been here longer than others, and all cats over the age of five are free. All dogs and cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped—so they are ready to hit the ground running with their new families. We hope you’ll help us make Clear the Shelters a big success, because there’s nothing more that we love than seeing empty kennels after a long day.

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