The Only Cat Challenge

by Kimberly Wade

Update 10/3/17 Maggie went home too, late last week! So far, everyone is doing well in their respective homes!

Update 9/19/17:  The below blog was published Saturday in RGJ. That same day, PV went home to an amazing family who had just lost their cat with a nearly identical purrsonality… our hearts are full.

That being said, I’m leaving her story in here because there are other kitties like her! Aspen, also featured, is still here, and Maggie, arrived a few days ago.  Her story is tough to hear. Her human passed away from cancer a few months ago. It was a tough time, but she hung in there. She stayed with a human friend for a short time (and her kitties) but soon learned that she would do best in a calm home with no other cats (they made her very grumpy). Maggie needs a home where she the one and only, and get lots of TLC from the humans! By the way, her fur is really soft and she loves to cuddle. Maggie may not love other pets, but she LOVES humans! Her pic is below.

Blog from Saturday, 9/16/17:

I need help. One of our biggest challenges at Nevada Humane Society is when a pet arrives that needs to find a home… as the only pet. Regardless of the species, finding a home where there are no other pets is always hard. Let’s face it. We’re a pet loving community, therefore, it’s really hard for us to have only one pet, right? We love seeing our four-legged BFFs cuddle and bond together. So how can we provide for those pets that need to be the only one?

My struggle comes after a couple of cats arrived at Nevada Humane Society who ultimately do their best when humans are their only companions. They came from different walks of life and honestly have fabulous personalities. They’re cute, cuddly and entertaining. They are well mannered and overall, a great companion. They just don’t like other cats (and more than likely they don’t care for dogs either).

PV, a stunning gray and white tabby, was given up when she was only a year and a half old. That was in March. She’s a bit of a lively gal, with what we call cattitude—a cat attitude! She really needs a cat-savvy family who can read her signals when she’s had enough and needs her alone time. For the most part, she’s pawsome. She’ll climb into your lap and purr and head bonk you. Suddenly, she’s done. Her ears go back and she may even growl. Some of our staff and volunteers back off and wait until she’s ready to be a lover again. Others scratch her ears and her butt until she comes out of it—and she does! Within minutes, she’s back to happy.

Aspen is a senior. She’s a fluffy calico with a crooked little tail that wags like a dog. I’ve mentioned her before because she actually lived in our admin offices. She also arrived in March, as a stray. Clearly she had belonged to someone at one point and just gotten lost—because she was very social to humans. She too is a love, constantly head butting people for treats (the girl can eat) and asking to have her coat brushed. We noticed after some time with our other office kitties, she tried to the princess—and yet she wasn’t. She didn’t like that, so she began acting very grouchy towards the other cats. We found the solution to her stress was to place her where she had no four-legged competition.

Both PV and Aspen are wonderful cats. They love people. They need people. They thrive on attention, and you can imagine since they are in their own space here at the shelter we really want to find them a home. They’ve been here longer than others and we don’t want them to get depressed. I don’t mean for this to be sad—but I really need you to all help me find those families that have been considering a pet, have no other pets and would be willing to meet PV or Aspen. We know it may take time for them to adjust in your home, but we also have no doubts that they will. And, once in a home they may not even show signs of cattitude! A shelter is a tough environment for anyone, but for the ones that stay here longer than others because of a simple need like this, it breaks our hearts. They deserve you, they deserve a second chance. Who will help me find the purrfect homes for them?

P.S. Feel free to email me at if you want to hear more about these gals. I love them, but you already know I have a very full house, and we don’t want to see me get divorced (kidding… maybe).

Maggie hiding under bed

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