It Takes a Village

by Kimberly Wade

It takes a village. That statement couldn’t be more true these days, for people and pets alike, and it comes at a time when at least for me, I feel like I need reminders that good does exist. I struggle on so many fronts, wondering when society’s morals and ethics will kick back in. We see people giving up pets for reasons that could be helped, people breeding pets when still so many are in shelters, not just locally, but everywhere. We see people hurting people, Mother Nature at her not so finest, and so much more. I wonder if I’m not doing a good job, or if people just want more, or if animals are just brought into situations (no fault of their own) that set them up for failure. End rant.

Things just may be changing.

Last weekend, we brought the community together for the love of pets. It was Nevada’s Super Pet Adoption Day all #ThanksToMaddie where Nevada Humane Society, SPCA of Northern Nevada, Pet Network Humane Society, Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary, Washoe County Regional Animal Services, dozens of vendors, food trucks and more came together for a common cause—a GREAT cause. We came together to save lives. Nevada Humane Society found PAWsome homes for 13 cats and 36 dogs at the Super Pet Adoption, and when we add in the adoptions at the shelter, we’re proud to say a total of 45 cats, 53 dogs and 3 rabbits went home—that’s 101 homeless pets no more! When you look at combined adoptions for the event, all of us together saved 69 cats and 91 dogs! That, my friends, is good. 1 homeless pets no more!)

Then on Tuesday, a new supporter of ours was in his hometown of Santa Rosa, helping fire victims. He reached out to me to say that an abundance of pet food had been donated to help pets in northern California. Shelters there were inundated with donations (a good thing) and people had also been receiving food donations for their pets (another good thing) so he thought of us. Not only had we recently taken in several dogs from the fire (to make room in shelters for lost and found pets; it’s important to know these dogs that came to us were already available for adoption), but we always need pet food at Nevada Humane Society. We have a Pet Food Assistance program to help people when they are temporarily down on their luck, plus the hundreds of animals in our care every day. He was given the approval to donate the food to us, so we put a plea on Facebook and within 30 minutes had two people who volunteered their time to go pick it up—within 48 hours. The post went viral—and the calls to help came in. People were helping people and pets, in multiple communities, and coming together.

Finally, as we reach out and ask that people foster, to help free up space in the shelter, we also ask people to adopt. We have big and small dogs, active dogs and couch potatoes. We have fluffy cats and tiny cats, senior cats (who may be adopted for free and come with Social Se-CAT-ary to cover any unforeseen health care—think Social Security for cats), and some special pets who need homes with no other pets (hey, they’re allowed to be selfish and want all the attention of their humans). If you’ve ever considered fostering (temporary) or adopting (forever) or maybe you just want to help us make this all possible (donate dollars), we need it. Because we all work together to make lifesaving happen, to bring people and pets together.

It takes a village, this is clear. Look at us. We are all coming together, as a community and more, helping each other. We are not one person making a difference, we are many. We are bonded by our love of pets and we want to set everyone up for success. Giving Tuesday is next month (November 28) and we hope you will consider giving to us. We’re leading and striving for good things. Let’s gather our village and make it happen.

Upcoming Events: The Wags & Whiskers Gala, A Night in Havana, is November 11 at the Peppermill, with Cuban-themed entertainment to include salsa dancers, Congo drums, aerialists, a Ricky Ricardo impersonator and more! Tickets include dinner, unlimited beer, wine, mutt-jitos and meow-jitos. All proceeds benefit our animals. Details:

Featured Pet: I’m Alex, aged three fine years, full-bodied and fabulous! I’m a social fella, chatty and fun-loving. I just love people! I reach out and ask for attention often, and because of this, I prefer a home with no other pets. But who are we kidding, you won’t need them because you’ve got me! Meet me today! NHS is open daily from 11am to 6:30pm.

Adoptable Pets at Nevada Humane Society

Adoptable Pets at Nevada Humane Society

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