Berg’s Story

by Kimberly Wade

Berg (2)

Berg, an abandoned, neglected and scared white poodle had seen better days. He clearly had been on the streets for quite some time, but his story ran wild on social media as the community and animal welfare organizations came together to help him.

For at least a month, concerned residents continued to follow Berg with the unified goal of bringing him to safety, and to the shelter for warmth and a good meal. He teased people, making them think they could get close, then would run away. Animal Services was called to try and humanely trap him, but he kept avoiding the trap. People would sit outside day and night, enticing him with treats. Berg wanted nothing to do with anyone.

Finally, Berg got tired and wandered into the trap.

Berg was transported to Animal Services. He had no microchip, so he would more than likely be transferred to Nevada Humane Society for us to find him a loving home.

In the interim, Berg needed some care. Our veterinarian team worked quickly to help him. He was severely matted all the way down to his skin, with dreadlocks hanging all over his entire body. He had foxtails in his ears. He was hungry and terrified of everything. He was estimated to be around the age of one and was small in size.

Berg had to be shaved down to his skin in order to remove all of the mats. We treated his foxtails and an ear infection. He was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Once he was cleaned up and had food, a warm bed and a sweater, he very quickly took to human attention. His true colors began to shine through, revealing sweet and shy traits, with a dash of gratefulness and love mixed in.

As we thought, no one came forward for Berg, so we knew we had a big goal of finding him the perfect home. After all, he deserved it.

The day he was transferred to Nevada Humane Society a woman reached out to us. Turns out she was very active in keeping an eye on him while he was on the streets, and helped to bring him to safety as well. Her name was Valerie, and she wanted to adopt him.

Valerie sat down with me and revealed so much from little Berg’s story. She was amazed at all he went through and would be proud to take him home to a family of two other dogs, two cats, and two humans.

Today, Berg, whose new name is Audie, is home. Valerie tells me he’s a sweetheart, and that it’s unbelievable what he went through and how he’s taken to his new life. She also said he’s the best Christmas gift ever.

Berg brought together a community. Knowing that local residents, Animal Services and Nevada Humane Society all came together for the lifesaving difference of one animal speaks volumes… and this is what do all the time. We save lives. Together.

At Nevada Humane Society, we cannot thank you enough for enabling us to be here for Berg and so many others. Donations from kind individuals, like you, make it possible for us to collaborate with others, provide immediate veterinary care, and find homes for our homeless pets. Thank you so much for your fabulous lifesaving generosity over the past year, and thank you, too, for your compassion and your willingness to take action on behalf of the animals.

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