Saving Meringue

by Kimberly Wade

Every now and then someone special touches your heart. Right now, that someone is Meringue.

She arrived at Nevada Humane Society barely a week ago, less than 32 ounces in size, fitting in the palm of your hand. She was fighting for her life and she was in shock.

Meringue had wounds all over her head and neck. It wasn’t pretty. There was swelling and blood. Puncture marks made it clear she was more than likely attacked. Her eye was swollen shut and she was struggling to breathe. Not knowing how deep the wounds in her head were and what kind of permanent damage was already setting in, she was rushed to Nevada Humane Society’s veterinary clinic.

The tiny puppy was placed under anesthesia so we could get to work. Her fur was shaved, wounds flushed and cleaned and IV fluids given to help her fight off dehydration. She had radiographs of her head and neck. Her eyes were thoroughly examined. She was given pain medications, an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Finally, Meringue was set up to rest on a warm heating pad, surrounded by constant TLC from staff to help guide her out of the woods.

Meringue went to foster care that night for more round the clock care. She received a gentle compress every few hours, to eliminate the pain in her head and neck and bring down the swelling. She still wasn’t right. She wanted no human contact and she seemed to stare off into space—but we weren’t giving up.

It took several days but Meringue began to come around. The pain lessened, her wounds began to look better, and her swollen eye slowly opened. Though her medical journey is far from over and it’s not clear if her eye sustained permanent damage, her passion for life is now clear. Meringue was choosing to fight.

Today, she’s in foster care with me, doing well, healing nicely and acting like the typical puppy—she chews on the bottom of my pants and chases me around the room. There is no doubt she is going to be fabulous in a new home.

It seems more and more animals are arriving like Meringue—facing a dire medical need. It’s our job to give them the best chance they can get, to go above and beyond to save lives. This is what we are here for. This is what we do best. And for me, this little gal gives me hope and reassures me that I too, and doing what is right by helping others.


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New Year, New Goals

by Kimberly Wade

We may be nearly two weeks into 2018 but resolutions are still going strong. We work as humans to better our lives; how many of you do the same for your pets?

New Year resolutions are a long tradition. Most people are guilty of not stick to them but studies show that promises made are best accomplished when done with someone—so why not with your pets? Think about it. Your pet will never flake on you, or say they’re too tired, or too busy. Your pet has more time for you than anyone else—so let’s do this!

First, make time for exercise. We all know this is the most common goal, but seriously, it’s a good thing. Whether you add in daily walks with your dog, a sprint in the park, or even at home yoga, where Kitty can participate, it’s good for everyone. Exercise stimulates our brain and offers enrichment for our pets. It strengthens your bond and—let’s be honest—is entertaining. Who doesn’t laugh when your agile cat climbs onto your back to share the downward dog pose?

Next up is diet. Yes, it’s another popular one, but diet and exercise will only set you and your pet up for success. Many people know me as a dessertaholic but I’m also pretty healthy. My husband and I make everything from scratch to eliminate processed foods and chemicals, and we eat in moderation—this way we can enjoy things like dessert on a regular basis! With our pets, it’s the same. While I’m totally guilty of giving them a nibble of approved table scraps, we also keep them on a healthy diet, with all natural ingredients, one that is low-glycemic with no fillers or by-products.

Looking for fun in the New Year? Try a new activity with your pet! Bring your dogs along on outdoor adventures (heck, cats too if they are leash trained) or maybe visit an agility course! For cats, yes, yoga is great (they’re natural yogis) but what about using interactive TV? I found an awesome cat channel on Amazon and they get to chase and watch the red dot, balls of yarn and squirrels—all on TV. They love it! If you’re artistic, set up a painting area with pet safe paints and let your dog or cat create a masterpiece.

Get in the habit of regular grooming. Though many of us bathe our pets at home, we also need to remember to trim their nails, brush their fur, clean their ears and more. Grooming keeps everyone happy and healthy, and when you allow a professional to do this, they even take care of those hard to reach spots—which we all know is not fun for us as their people!

Be sure to regularly visit your veterinarian too. This can help prevent future challenges and allow the vet to become a less scary place for your pet. Be open to a mix of traditional medicine and holistic care. My pets have had instant results from things like chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and cold laser therapy, as it works well on everything from inflammation of the muscles to allergies to inappropriate elimination. At Nevada Humane Society, we’re also working these holistic methods into our care for homeless pets, and there are several pet already benefitting from this—it’s an incredible thing to see!

Finally, consider getting involved with a local shelter. Nevada Humane Society is always in need of dedicated volunteers! From fostering to answering the phone to walking dogs, volunteers are a big help. All that’s required is a general orientation, then various handling classes (which you can do all in one day) so that you can work directly with the animals. Fostering is vital to lifesaving too—foster families allow various pets into their homes temporarily to provide care and socialization until an animal is ready for adoption.

2018 is New Year, a new slate, a new beginning. It’s time to look at the bigger picture, not just ourselves. Spend more time with your pets, your family and your friends—because you never know how long they’ll be with you. Keep a positive attitude. Be open to change. Love. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Adoptable Pets at Nevada Humane Society

Featured Pet: Queen of the Jungle, that’s me! I’m Bindy Ballou, a confident, outgoing gal who likes to spend her time with women. Yes, I’m picky about the company I keep: children, cats, dogs and men are off my list. I want you all for myself! I’m also an Angel Pet for hyperthyroidism, so my adoption fee is waived and all vet care pertaining to this, as well as medication and food is provided by NHS. Ask about me today! I’m available at 2825 Longley Lane in Reno, open daily for pet adoptions.


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