A Forever Valentine

by Kimberly Wade

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and with all of the promotional products being featured everywhere, it’s hard not to think about it! But as we know, flowers wilt, candy gets eaten and gifts can be tossed away after time. So what about considering a forever Valentine? Don’t laugh, you knew that’s where I was going with this—because when you adopt, that’s what you get.

Valentine’s Day aside, there’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. Unconditional love. I know I talk about it all the time, but it’s true. I’ve been under the weather this week and a head cold is never fun, but I’ll tell you what, my cats are there for me. They know when I need a distraction from the discomfort, a cuddle to help me sleep and playful antics to make me smile. They don’t run for fear of catching my cooties but rather they stick around and do what they do best—offer unconditional love.

Over the holidays, when we lost our dogs, the cats grieved too. They roamed the house, crying out, looking for their doggie siblings. They went in to their bedroom, sniffing around and wondering why there wasn’t this lumbering old lab or our Italian Greyhound, who used to make them chase him every morning. I’ve seen species grieve for the same species, but it was interesting to see different species grieve for each other too—and heartbreaking. But despite their confusion, they knew we, as mom and dad, were in more pain, so they stepped up their game. Newton, our cat who is known for loving everyone you meet and truly the most affectionate cat in the world (no joke, but that’s another story), didn’t leave us alone. It’s as if he knew we needed him. Maisey, our goofy, playful, ride on my shoulders Siamese, spent more time cuddled with me than normal (and that’s a lot). Even Saia, our shy little one, came out of her comfort zone to be a part of the family.

Last year, during several stressful situations we endured, our animals were there for us. It’s funny—it’s as if they don’t want to add to that stress so they behave the best they can be. They know that it’s not the time for knocking half full glassware off the counter or making a mess with their toys (sometimes our living room looks like a giant playpen). They simply are there for us, bringing us comfort and unconditional love.

Even when they do something they shouldn’t, like sneaking food off our plate or accidently deleting an email off the laptop, they know they made a mistake but they still offer unconditional love.

I think animals are probably one of the most selfless beings on the planet. OK, maybe dogs and cats, because let’s be honest, the rabbit digging up your backyard doesn’t really care, but dogs and cats, they are here for their people. When you treat them right, give them the best life they deserve, rescue them, ADOPT them, they know. They just know. They know it’s meant to be and they know that you are their person. And the cool thing is that I’ve had more people tell me that the pet (or pets) they adopted from a shelter or rescue are the most appreciative and offer the most unconditional love.

So as Valentine’s Day approaches, love your pets too. Consider adding to the family by visiting Nevada Humane Society and adopting. Because unconditional love is real, and there won’t be a day that will go by that you don’t see that. And right now, Nevada Humane Society has some of the most adorable dogs and cats looking for love… a forever love, not just for Valentine’s Day, so I really hope you give a new relationship a chance. You won’t regret it.


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