Big Hearts, Big Community

29497268_10156700780870656_3645335428949583896_n.jpgby Kimberly Wade

So many good things! I feel like since I author this column I probably see more compliments than most, but the number of awesome things happening for our animals is growing and we are really excited to see so many big hearts in our community.

You are probably aware we’ve been working with other shelters across the state to bring in animals to Washoe County to find them loving homes, animals that wouldn’t otherwise have that chance. Most recently, we brought in about 150 cats from Desert Haven Animal Society in Pahrump. So far over 100 of them have been adopted!

Salon Lux, Raising Canes, Amazon, Silver State Barricade and Sign—there are so many awesome businesses who are partnering with Nevada Humane Society to help homeless pets. These are just a few of our supporters, and recently, each of them took it upon themselves to organize fundraisers and bring in donations for the animals. Seeing everything from monetary donations to Amazon gift cards to sponsored adoption fees—this is our community! Knowing we come together to help when someone needs it, people and pets alike, is something to be proud of!

Here’s something else that was different yet successful. A mother reached out to us on Facebook. She said that her daughter’s 7th birthday was coming up and she wanted to adopt a cat. Mom told her it was a lot of work and responsibility, and that they should go to Nevada Humane Society to work with the kitties for a day to see what the work entails. So they did! The daughter spent time with our staff cleaning cats, playing with them, feeding them, and even followed proper hygiene—wearing rubber gloves! She was very excited and the work didn’t deter her. She fell in love with Chubbs, a big 2 year old who had been lost on the streets, and took him home that day. Not only were we a part of this cool learning experience, but we were able to pair an awesome family with the sweetest cat!

Buttercup is a nearly 18 year old Siamese, whose person had to give her up. Poor Buttercup arrived matted and blind. It wasn’t easy for her to face. She looked rough around the edges, but her personality stood out—so much so the staff took a huge liking to her. We shared her story on Facebook and within a matter of days she had a home—a fabulous young gal came in and wanted to help. She had no other pets so Buttercup would certainly be spoiled with attention. This is the kind of lifesaving that makes us so happy!

This is lifesaving. This is Nevada Humane Society. Going above and beyond for homeless pets. Working with the community to save lives. Reaching out for help when needed (which is always). We are here for the animals, but you are here too—and that’s what makes such big hearts in this big community.

By the way, if you want to help, here are a few ideas:

  • Sponsor an adoption fee! The average adoption fee for dogs is $50 and cats $25. If you sponsor the fee, you or your business will get special marketing and together we’ll get a pet home!
  • Create a fundraising event for the animals and donate the proceeds to us! We’ve got lots of ideas if you need them, but things like this are great for schools and kids!
  • Donate supplies! We have a wish list on our website, but right now our biggest needs are cat and kitten food (dry kibble and canned food; no fish flavors), pet beds and toys. Amazon gift cards are great too!
  • Monetary donations. Funding helps us with everything from medical care to special programs to adoptions. Every penny counts!

We’ll say it again. This is lifesaving. This is Nevada Humane Society. Your awesome stories and partnerships and support make it possible. Thank you and we can’t wait to write more columns just like this!

Featured Pet: Hi! I’m Pauline, age 14. I’ve been at the shelter much longer than others because I’ve got a unique personality. I’m sassy, independent, quiet and prefer to hang out with you… but I’m not a lap cat and I’m slow to adjust to new places. I know I’m different but that doesn’t make me any less deserving. I’ve lived with kids, cats and dogs and I think I would come out of my shell once in a home, so won’t you take a chance on me today?

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