A pet might help you stick to those 2012 resolutions

The new year, with its fresh start, can inspire us to think about the ways we can become better people.

Apparently, a lot of us have already nailed down our resolutions for 2012, because one website is reporting survey results for the most popular resolutions for 2012. It also cautions that 78 percent of people who make resolutions fall down on them.

One sure way to increase your odds is to partner with someone in achieving your goals. Our pets help make us better people in so many ways; perhaps they could also help us keep our resolutions.

The top resolution for 2012 is saving money. I think our pets could help here. Your pet does not need dinner at a fancy restaurant or expensive gifts to adore you. It offers inexpensive companionship and entertainment.

Developing a healthier lifestyle is next on the list. Your dog makes the perfect walking or running partner, and your cat is the perfect yoga companion. Promising your dog a nice long walk may actually get you out there.

Getting enough sleep is another one. Cats and dogs are champion role models here, sleeping between 13 and 20 hours a day.

Keeping a journal of awesome moments made the top resolution list, too. Considering the number of best-selling books about pets, they may be able to help us here by providing inspiration for touching and amusing stories.

Reducing stress is next. Pets are noteworthy stress reducers; just being with your animal friend can lower your blood pressure. Their antics bring humor to the day and their ability to live in the moment is surpassed only by Zen masters.

Volunteering to help others also made the resolution list. You and your pet could become a pet therapy team. While most dogs are naturals, there are some cats and even rabbits that make great therapy pets. Another way to help others is to volunteer at one of the local animal shelters; you can help care for the animals or help people find a new pet.

With all the pets here at our shelter, all of us at Nevada Humane Society should have no trouble keeping our resolutions. If you need help, come on down and adopt a pet. We are open for adoptions today and New Year’s Day, especially to help you get your new year off to a great start.

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