Adopt and Save a Life

By Mary Nielsen, guest blogger and author of this cat blog, Feline Living!


Adopt and save a life

Stray animals and overcrowded animal shelters are a big problem. There are millions of animals in the shelters all over the USA and they are waiting for a loving home. New stray animals are appearing on the streets every day and it is hard for shelters to take them all in if the numbers of animals are increasing with the shelter spaces being limited. But you can help these animals! All you have to do is adopt a cat or dog and encourage others to do likewise. Not only will you have a warm cuddly friend who will love you to the end, but now the shelter has the means to help even more animals in need. If you have the capacity to care for an animal, why not adopt?

How shelters care for animals

Unlike those unsavory kitten and puppy mills, animal shelters show the highest regard for the well-being of the homeless cats and dogs they take in. In a tick, the shelter workers can turn a matted grimalkin into a Duchess or a floppy mop top into Lassie. Shelters not only feed and house cats and dogs in need but also provide very necessary veterinary care. Spaying and neutering is a priority as are vaccinations and parasite removal. Any and all illnesses will be screened and tended to as is appropriate.

Find the pet that’s just right for you

What every cat and dog really wants is a family. Different cats and dogs will naturally have different needs. Do you want a mate to just sit on the sofa and watch telly with you? Do you want someone to run about in the garden with? Do you want a big buddy you can take out to the countryside with? Would you prefer a purring little mite to curl up in your lap? No matter what cat or dog you get, please remember that this is a living being who needs love like food and water. Please do exercise forbearance and patience. Keep in mind the animal does want to make you happy, if he or she only knew how. It can be tricky sussing out what must be done to help a pet settle into your lifestyle. It’s fortunate that your local animal center can help you. Ask, and you shall receive.

The animals need you!

If you cannot adopt a pet, please consider fostering one. Shelters are always in need of volunteers of a sort. If you’ve a lorry with enough room, you can provide transportation services. If you do photography, you can take photos for an adoption website. If you do web design, you can offer your services. There are also simple tasks like answering phones and e-mails or if you’d prefer personal interaction, you can offer to walk or groom animals. Please help however you can. If you have friends or family who would like to add a cat or dog to their household, suggest adopting. If you need more reasons to adopt, please consult this infographic. Adopting a pet saves a life. Please make your home the Forever Home a pet dreams of.

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